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The client participation in lessons or activities entails his/her express acceptance of the inherent risks associated with the participation in any snow sport. All clients are required to have their own insurance cover for such risks. The client undertakes to respect all directions given by the instructor.
Equipment specially adapted for use in snow sports is essential and is the responsibility of the client to provide, Skiaoz Prosneige accepts no responsibility for the equipment used by clients unless supplied by Skiaoz Prosneige.
Our instructors and guides are independant professionals with national diplomas in their fields of speciality or are trainee instructors or guides qualified to teach. The feasability of any activity is subject to the judgement of the relevant instructor or guide. We reserve the right to cancel lessons, activities or elements of either if the instructor or guide deams that the weather or snow conditions or the physical or psycological aptitude of any propective participant makes such activity unfeasible for reasons of safety.
Reservations only become definitive on confirmation by the client on receipt of payment of 50% of the total due. All sums become due for payment prior to the commencement of activities or at least at the end of the last activity.
In all cases and without exception, Skiaoz Prosneige is not obliged to make any refund or provide alternative activities where:
The participation of clients in activities booked by them or on their behalf is interrupted or cannot continue as a result of insufficient physical, psychological or technical aptitude on their part.
A client fails to attend lessons at the appointed time and place for any reason (including illness, absence from resort, weather conditions or otherwise) or attempts to cancel lessons with less than 3 weeks notice.
In any case lessons are delayed, interrupted or cut short for reasons out of Skiaoz Prosneige’s control (closure of lifts, adverse weather, security measures etc) In respect of any of the above we will on request provide a letter certifying the cost of the lessons in question and the non-attendance for the purpose of any claim for reimbursement by the client under any insurance to which he/she may have subscribed (such as holiday insurance or carre/carte neige).
We reserve the right to modify, with or without prior notice, the timetable or content of any activity as a result of weather, snow or security conditions without such modificiation giving rise to the right to any indemnity on the part of any client.
The hours of lessons may be modified according to the opening and closing hours of the lifts.
cancellation insurance, lift passes, ski / snowboard gear
The information provided is electronically processed to manage your subscription. The data is used by us. According to the French Data Protection Act of January 6th 1978, updated in 2004,you have the right to access or change your personal data by writing to skiaoz Prosneige – Service Client – Bât les Myrtilles– 38114 Oz-en-Oisans– . You may also request for your personal information not to be electronically processed, due to extenuating circumstances.
Skiaoz Prosneige accepts no responsibility and expressly excludes any liability for any damage, to property or person relating to or arising from the clients participation in lessons or activities with Skiaoz Prosneige except arising out of its own negligence.
These terms and conditions of sale and all relations between SkiaozProsneige and its clients or any third party claiming on their behalf are subject to the law of the Republic of France and to the exclusive judgement of the courts having jurisdiction over the resort in which Skiaoz Prosneige is situated.

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